Chain of Lakes Rotary club actively participates in the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. Rotary International is the world's largest International Exchange Student Program. More than 30 countries accept Rotary Exchange Students. The program offers the opportunity to become a short term or year long exchange student and/or become a host family for an exchange student. There are two exchange options available. The Summer Short Term Exchange Program enables a high school student from the United States to stay with a host family in another country for a month in the summer. The sibling from the foreign host family will then spend a month in the home of the host family in the USA. The Long Term Exchange Program enables high school students to spend 11 months with three to four host families. The student will attend school in the country they are hosted in. Visit to see the list of participating countries.
In August 2018, the Chain of Lakes Rotary Club hosted our first international exchange student from Japan. She attended Centennial High School.
In June 2019 we hosted a short-term student from Italy.
In July 2019 we sponsored a short-term student that went to Italy.
In July 2019 we also sponsored our 1st year-long exchange student that went to Brazil
In August 2019 we hosted our 2nd year-long student from Austria
If you are interested in being a host family and you live within the Centennial ISD12 School District, please contact us to set up an interview.
If you are or know of a student interested in being a foreign exchange student, please contact us to set up an interview.
Interested students and host families should contact the committee chair, Kevin Fitzpatrick at (612) 998-1320 or