Chain of Lakes
United States of America

The safety of students, familites and volunteers is North Star Rotary Youth Exchange's first priority.  Chain of Lakes Rotary will follow all requirements issued by local and state health departments, in addition to CDC recommendations.  Therefore, all elgible exchange students and host facilites must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccinations in order to participate, including everyone in the host family home currently elgible to receive a vaccine.  


Why become a host family?

  • Learn about another culture directly from a young person who lives in it.   
  • Teach a young person from another culture about your family life in the United States. 
  • Unique opportunity to celebrate the similarieites and differnces shared by people around the world. 
  • Rotary aims to reflect real-world families to students. 
  • The exchange process is mutually rewarding. 
  • You all become members of a global community. 

We Need Your Family!

  • Without the willingness and sincerity of host families opening their hearts and homes to exchange students, the Rotary Youth Exchange Program would not exist. 
  • Families who have hosted students say it was one of the most positive, life changing experiences they have had. 


  • Learn more by contacting Kevin Fitzpatrick or info@northstaryouthexchange.com  612.799.6913